Four great reasons to use WikOrgCharts.

WikiOrgCharts lets you crowdsource the org charts of companies and government because intelligence is valuable.

1. Who you know is as important as what you know. Use WikiOrgCharts to see who you're connected to at various companies. By looking at an org chart and profiles you can discover people you know who can help you.

2. Understanding how a company is organized will help you land the deal. Who's the boss? Now you can see this and more. Pitch your idea to everyone in the corporate hierarchy who matters. They're all visible to you now.

3. Don't send that CV down the HR black hole. Look for a job that matches your skills. Then see who you're connected to at that company and what its org chart looks like.

4. No more guesswork. Target and source the person you want to come work at your company. See exactly that they're level is and what they're responsible for at the company they work for now.