About Us

Founded in 2011, WikiOrgCharts is a cloud based Social CRM tool that solves one of the last problems in business focused networking; how companies and government agencies are structured. WikiOrgCharts provides access to anyone looking to learn about and share information about company organizational structures.

At WikiOrgCharts, we believe that transparency helps to grow business. Web 2.0 practices such as information sharing, interoperability and collaboration and becoming business practices. Barriers finding non-proprietary business information can cause companies to lose business.

Why use WikiOrgCharts


  • Helps Professionals self promote and share knowledge
  • Provides Business Development & Sales an efficient process for identifying the right company contact
  • Helps Recruiters identify and validate candidates
How to get started?
  • Click Here to sign up and create a login. You can also use your LinkedIn or Facebook username and password to create an account.
  • Search for yourself and claim your profile or create one if you’re not already there
  • Create or update org charts for your company and others you’re familiar with.